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ARM Financial Services

Offering a full range of financial services on a single platform.

The project is launching soon.

arm financial

Manage Your Money the Way You Want Anytime, Anywhere!

Enabling our customers to have a great experience and allow funds mobility internationally with trust and confidence. 

  • Retail customers, individuals. 
  • Small & medium sized businesses 
  • Freelancers, independent contractors, self-employed 
  • E-commerce businesses 
  • Online Platforms
ARMF is available as an Android and iOS app and as a web-based service.
ARM Financial is not a bank or a deposit-taking institution
ARM Financial- A Digital Solution for Your Financial Needs
Why Us

Why ARM Financial?


ARMF is your single point of access to its wide range of financial services and eliminates multiple logins or switching accounts to use these features.

Proven Security

ARMF is ISO27001 and PCI DSS compliant and ensures optimal security of your confidential information. 

Value for Everyone

ARMF creates value and convenience for everyone – you, your customers, partners, family, and friends.

Peace of Mind

Say goodbye to cash and use your ARMF account to send/receive, and make payments the way you want, and take control of your finances.

Benefits? We’ve got them!

Convenient, affordable, secure, fast, reliable, and a full range of financial services for ARMF users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions by ARMF users.

What is ARM Financial (ARMF)?

ARM Financial is a Fintech platform offering financial services suitable for retail customers, individuals, SMBs, freelancers, self-employed, independent contractors, E-commerce businesses, and online platforms.

What Can I Do With ARMF?

Having an ARMF account means you have single point access to many financial services such as: peer-to-peer transfers,B2B  international fund transfers, international remittances for individuals, open multi-currency wallet accounts, splitting/sharing expenses, Top-ups, and many other services. For a full description of our services please visit the services section of the ARMF website.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An Account On Armf?

Please view the pricing policy for the Individual and Business account plans. We don’t charge any hidden fees at all, and all the commissions applicable on transactions are mentioned in our pricing policy.

Where Is Armf Based?

ARMF is an Australian Fintech company based in Melbourne, Victoria.

How does ARMF keep my personal information safe?

ARMF is ISO27001 and PCI DSS compliant and uses the latest fraud monitoring and safety standards to ensure the security of your confidential information. For more information, please read ARMF’s Privacy policy.

I want to contact the customer support?

To contact the ARMF customer support directly via direct form, please use this link. You can also contact them via email:

The project is launching soon

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